Surface-Stress Applet

A new applet for the Surface-Stress calculation is now available. We have revisited Stoney's equation and we have derived an analytical expressions for the accurate quantification of the surface stress in clamped beams (such as cantilevers). Accurate surface stress quatification is relevant to attain quantitative measurements of biomolecule concentrations, to correctly substract reference signals to reduce noise due to unspecific interactions and to allow comparison of results obtained with different cantilever dimensions and designs (Javier Tamayo, Jose J Ruz, Valerio Pini et al, Nanotechnology (2012), 23 475702).

The simple expression considers the clamping effect and it accurately quantifies the surface stress even for dimensions were Stoney's equation can not be applied (f.e. nanocantilevers). The applet easily gives the surface stress value when your experimental deflection and cantilever parameters are known.


Length (micron)
Width (micron)
Thickness (micron)
Young's Modulus (GPa)
Poisson Ratio
Deflection (micron)


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