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Bionanomechanics group develops a technology for regulating liquid transport at the nanoscale with high precision

Our PhD students Javier Escobar and Juan Molina have been able to control the transport of extremely small amounts of liquids, in the order of zeptoliters (1 zL = 10-21 L), when these flow along resonant nanofluidic channels.

Álvaro San Paulo, responsible for the work, explains: “What we have achieved is to measure with precision how much liquid is transfered to the surface of nanowires with a length and a diameter of around 50 micrometers and 200 nanometers, respectively, in response to an electric tension of a few volts”. This task was one of the main goals of Liquidmass ERC project (https://ercliquidmass.eu/), coordinated by Montserrat Calleja, who is also responsible for this work: “The precise quantitative mass flow control developed here could allow to detect the mass of a single nanoparticle transported by the liquid, and we are exploring this idea for the detection of viruses”.


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