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The Minister of Science, Innovation, and Universities visits the Bionanomechanics Laboratory

The Minister of Science, Innovation and Universities, Diana Morant, and the Minister for Digital Transformation and Public Function, José Luis Escrivá, visited on Monday the Institute of Micro and Nanotechnology (IMN-CSIC) in Tres Cantos, where they learned about the results of a pioneering study on the properties of cells that opens up new avenues for diagnosing and combating cancer.

Specifically, researchers from the Bionanomechanics group, led by Javier Tamayo, have analyzed healthy and cancerous breast cells and observed that they exhibit mechanical resonances at different frequencies. This finding has far-reaching implications for understanding the role these ‘vibrations’ play in cells, opening up new ways to diagnose and combat cancer.

During the visit, accompanied by the president of CSIC, Eloísa del Pilo, both ministers also visited the capabilities of IMN-CSIC in Artificial Intelligence, Quantum, and Digitalization.

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