Prof. Tamayo invited expert speaker at 7th Multifrequency AFM conference

CSIC Communication department press release. 

More than a hundred scientists from around the world come together until April 20 at the '7th Multifrequency AFM conference'. The conference on advanced methods of force microscopy, held in Madrid, is organized by the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and has as one of its main topics the application of microscopy techniques to characterize and understand in a way more detailed the physical properties of the cells, in particular the nanomechanical ones. These properties depend on the physiological and pathological state of the cells. The ultimate goal is to develop methodologies that can facilitate the development of what is known as personalized medicine.

The speakers will discuss the advances in various areas such as nanomechanics, nanomedicine, three-dimensional nanomicroscopy, molecular resolution in liquids or multifrequency methods. The conference will allow to share knowledge and experiences about the instrumentation, the methodologies and the most advanced theoretical aspects in force microscopy. During the conference will also present the latest results in nanomechanics applied to cells and soft materials.

The researcher Sergei V. Kalinin, of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Institute for Functional Imaging of Materials (United States), will give the plenary conference Scanning Probe Microscopy: Exploring the Information Dimension. Kalinin, who dedicates his research career to the development of force microscopy for the development of more efficient batteries, will also receive the award for scientific career in this edition. 


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