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Save the date! Bionanomechanics conference, On-line, 4th-7th May, 2021

The Bionanomechanics conference aims at offering, every two years, a forum for communication and discussion of the most striking results in the fastly advancing field of mechanobiology. Communications on recent advancements in mechanical biomarkers from their diverse aspects, from technology developments to new proof of concept results in disease diagnosis and prognosis are also welcome. Mechanical fingerprinting of viruses, bacteria and cancer cells will be a highlight of this inaugural conference.

 We welcome submissions on the following topics 

  • Technologies for measuring stiffness of bioanalytes
  • Virus and bacteria mechanobiology
  • Cell mechanobiology
  • Nanomechanical spectrometry

    This conference receives funding from FET Proactive VIRUSCAN H2020 project (No. 731868).

    For more information, please visit: http://bionanomechanicsconference2020.com

Source: http://bionanomechanicsconference2020.com/index.php?idpagina=11&idioma=cas

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