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    Interview for the new informative magazine CSIC INVESTIGA


    The new informative magazine CSIC INVESTIGA is born. The first issue, Science against the coronavirus, focuses on the CSIC’s research on the coronavirus in different areas: the virus, the disease, detection, treatments and vaccines, transmission, prevention and social impact, (in addition to the covid- 19 and equality), knowledge transfer (innovation), international cooperation, training, scientific culture…

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    Presentation of the #AlianzaSTEAM for female talent


    Presentation of the #AlianzaSTEAM for female talent. The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training and more than fifty entities come together to promote scientific-technological vocations among girls and young people. Live interventions by Minister Isabel Celaá, Carmen Fenoll, Montserrat Calleja, Nuria Oliver, Blanca Huergo and Anna Cabré .; and video interventions by Jane Goodall, English…

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    Save the date! Bionanomechanics conference, On-line, 4th-7th May, 2021

    The Bionanomechanics conference aims at offering, every two years, a forum for communication and discussion of the most striking results in the fastly advancing field of mechanobiology. Communications on recent advancements in mechanical biomarkers from their diverse aspects, from technology developments to new proof of concept results in disease diagnosis and prognosis are also welcome….

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    Transparent micro capillary resonator for cancer cell identification

    Alberto Martín, as part of his PhD thesis, has developed a device that differentiates, in a single step and without markers, tumour cells from healthy cells. The work has been published in ACS sensors and disseminated globally through the CSIC press department.  Source:

Bionanomechanics Lab

El grupo de Bionanomecánica se estableció en el año 2005 con el objetivo de desarrollar herramientas analíticas innovadoras basadas en nanotecnología para aplicaciones biológicas y con especial énfasis en los sensores nanomecánicos.

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