Open position to work on Nanomechanical devices for biotechnology

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The candidate should have a degree in Physics. Previous experience in laboratory research will be positively evaluated but it is not required. The candidate must show enthusiasm, high motivation and capability to learn new topics.


The Bionanomecánica group of the IMM (CSIC) offers a contract as research assistant under a research project to be developed during 2017 and 2018. The offer involves: Immediate incorporation (first quarter 2017). Duration: 2017 and 2018. -Master's degree not required. -Possibility of mentoring of Master degree by the Bionanomechanics group. -Possibility of extension for the accomplishment of a PhD/doctoral thesis. -Compensation similar to FPI / FPU programs. The main requirements of the personnel to be hired are: Degree in Physics. Good academic record. Interest in experimental research. The activity will be related to the development of methods of characterization of nanomechanical devices for applications in biotechnology, mainly by ultra-high resolution scanning electron microscopy (XHR-SEM) and by deflection / dispersion / laser beam interferometry detection systems.  


Álvaro San Paulo.



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