Analysis of the structure and function of nanomachines and biological systems and integration in nanomechanical devices by individual molecule manipulation. S-0505/MAT-0283

PartnerIMM (CSIC), CNB (CSIC), CBMSO (CSIC-UAM), Instituto Cajal (CSIC), UCM
Date2006-01-01 > 2009-12-31
Principal investigator-
Research AreasMicro and Nano Technology
Research GroupBionanomechanics
AcknowledgementsComunidad Autónoma de Madrid

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  • Living cells exhibit mechanical resonances

    The Bionanomechanics group has achieved a significant advance in the understanding of the mechanical properties of human cells: it has successfully demonstrated that living cells, specifically human breast epithelial cells, exhibit mechanical resonances, a phenomenon previously considered implausible due to the extraordinary viscosity and complexity of cells in physiological media. You can learn more…

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