Experimental Vibration Modes of a microcantilever by Laser Beam Deflection Microscopy

There is a need for noninvasive techniques for simultaneous imaging of the stress and vibration mode shapes of nanomechanical systems in the fields of scanning probe microscopy, nanomechanical biological and chemical sensors and the semiconductor industry. Here we show a novel technique that combines a scanning laser, the beam detection method and digital multifrequency excitation and analysis for simultaneous imaging of the static out-of-plane displacement and the shape of the vibration modes of nanomechanical systems. The capability of the technique is demonstrated by imaging the residual surface stress of a microcantilever together with the shape of the first 22 vibration modes (Javier Tamayo et al, Nanotechnology (2012), 23 315501). Images were acquired with SCALA (Mecwins S.L.).

Animated gifs of five vibration modes as experimentally acquired are reported here.


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